Thursday, October 29, 2009

CTMH - What a Privilege!

As a consultant for Close To My Heart, one of the perks that we have is our own message board system. I love the swaps board, and I have had the privilege of participating in a Christmas layout contribution for parents of premature babies in Alaska. I consider this to be such an honor, and have been blessed in so many ways as I've worked on these layouts. One of my fears is that my work is never quite good enough, or tacky or cheesy. I'm posting the layouts here (yes, I have used a combination of CTMH products as well as "other" products) for these pages; I would appreciate any comments as well as constructive criticism.

CTMH - Has it Been a Month?! Introducing Stampaganza

I don't even know where this month has gone. It has swooshed by, and I just realized that there are only 8 (count em') e-i-g-h-t more weeks until 2009 is over with. Wow!

And... with the new month comes a new promotion that you're going to just love! Stamaganza is here again -- buy 2 stamp sets and get the 3rd one for FREE!!! "This promotion—buy two stamp sets, get one free—is a singular opportunity to make gift giving more fun and more affordable. Tell your friends, your family, your customers—you might even want to tell Santa Claus!
Please note that the free item (or items) will be the lowest-priced stamp sets of the entire order, regardless of the value of other stamp sets purchased. "

Go to my website for more details!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CTMH - Regional Celebration in Minneapolis, MN

I will be heading out to MN tomorrow evening (early) with Keeley Kirwan to attend Regionals. Can I just say...... I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JAZZED!!!!! So much to do, to see, to learn. I can't wait. Plus, I'll get to meet other consultants who I've conversed with, but not officially "met in person".

The great part is that I'll be able to bring back new techniques and projects to share with my wonderful hostesses and customers!!! It's gonna be a blast...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CTMH - Grace Mini Flap Album

Would you believe....

this awesome little album was made from paper lunch bags? I gotta say, I'm lovin it!

CTMH - Thank You Card Featuring Bella and Treasures

Bella is another one of my fave's. I love the versatility! This little card was sent to one of my hostesses as a thank you for booking a home gathering with me. I hope that she enjoyed it!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CTMH - September SOM Treasures

I made this little card quick as a wink! using CTMH's Level 1 paper pack of Simple Pleasures, September SOM "Treasures", Cocoa and Desert Sand Inks and Organdy Ribbon.

I really like Simple Pleasures a lot. Very versatile!

CTMH - ANOTHER Moon Doggie Layout

OK, I admit it. I'm totally addicted to this paper. Yes, we have new papers for fall and winter....but, I guess I'm not ready to give up my hold on Summertime! So...last night was a night with sticky, inky fingers and a 2-page layout... Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I lifted this layout from another consultant, but did quite a bit of modifications